Meet our team of developers of the trading platform

Szymon Brandys
Software Architect, IBM

Szymon Brandys joined IBM in 2006. Since then, he worked as a software engineer and architect in the IBM Cloud project. He focused mainly on DevOps tooling. He later joined IBM Analytics and was one of the first architects to work on Data Platform known as CloudPak for Data. He currently leads the Decision Optimization development team focusing on UI/UX and CloudPak for Data integration. Szymon is the Chief Architect of the UI of the trading platform for the contest.

Filip Madej
Advisory Software Engineer, IBM

After graduated from the Mercer University with degree in Informatics over 8 years ago he has been working as a full stack developer since. Currently, working for IBM on cloud and analytics solutions as an Advisory Software Engineer. A web and mobile development enthusiast with strong focus on user experience.